Arduino Internet / Web Control

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Teleduino and the services offered. By using our services you agree to be bound to the conditions of these terms.

Your Privacy

In order to register for Teleduino some personal information needs to be collected from you. This is to enable us to send you an API key and to communicate with you where necessary. Teleduino does not share any personal information with third parties.

Arduino Library and Sketches

The Teleduino Arduino library and sketches are distributed as-is in the hope that they may be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. You are free to modify the library and sketches as you see fit, providing the modifications do not compromise the Teleduino servers.

Teleduino Proxy Service

While uptime and security is very important to us, Teleduino makes no guarantee that the servers will be available 100% of the time, or that the service will continue indefinitely. Teleduino makes no guarantee that all instructions received on the API will make it to the requested device, and takes no responsibility for instructions sent to a device whether from the API, as a result of the server becoming compromised, or any other means.

In order to successfully connect and interact with your device an API key is required. It is your responsibility to keep all API keys private, and you are responsible for all API calls made with your API keys.

Data Encryption

While there are options available to make API calls over a secure connection using SSL, the data between the Teleduino Proxy Servers and a Teleduino device remains un-encrypted. This is due to limitations of the Arduino Ethernet device. Teleduino takes no responsibility for any interception of data.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Teleduino servers do not enforce a rate limit for API calls, however we expect you to avoid excessive numbers of API calls to the servers. If you expect to be making API calls more than once every few seconds, then please contact Teleduino to discuss your requirements. If excessive API calls are made to the Teleduino servers for an extended period of time without prior arrangement with Teleduino, then we reserve the right to block access to IP addresses either temporarily or permanently.

Last updated 2012-06-16.